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Yard Dogs

Mar 30, 2011

Members of the Class of 2011 from 18 Company at the U.S. Naval Academy–the Yard Dogs–dressed up as cowboys and Indians for their senior class picture.

Looks like somebody must have gotten a really good deal on all those mustaches.

A few notes on individuals: Steiny the wild injun is of course at lower left. Behind him at far left is the only 18 Company midshipman who will not be commissioned into the U.S. Navy in a few weeks; he is being sponsored at the Academy by the government of Madagascar and presumably will begin his career in their navy. And the guy hoisting a flask in the back row? That's Curtis, who ranks near the very top of the entire class of 2011 and has been selected for training as a Navy Seal; we're told the flask is empty.

In the front row, note that one of the women holding up the blue sign is dressed as the wrong kind of Indian. That's Emily, and the day of the photo op was her twenty-second birthday, so as soon as they put down the camera they brought out her cake.

But about that sign: Katie? Where's Katie? My sources claim it is still a mystery.


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Mallet Men

May 16, 2011

Every April, the town of Annapolis, Maryland, gears up for the annual croquet match between the Midshipmen of the Naval Academy and the Johnnys of the small liberal arts college across the street, St. John's.

Although the Naval Academy is an athletic powerhouse and St. John's is a haven for bookworms, the Johnnys routinely win the contest. But there is a non-athletic dimension to the event as well: costuming.

Spectators from both colleges show up in Gatsby-esque 1920s attire, notably including hats. And the St. John's team dresses in different uniforms every year, top secret till the day of the game.

This year, the Johnnys' secret uniform was . . . the same as the Naval Academy uniform, white pants with letter sweaters. The two teams were distinguishable, however, because the midshipmen wore shiny white dress shoes while the Johnnys wore whatever shoes they felt like wearing.

St. John's won, 3-1.

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