Hole in the Clouds

Tag: (Image credit: Allesandro Bianchi for Reuters)


Dec 29, 2012

When gas costs something like $9.50 a gallon, people run out of gas. Last April, this woman was pushing her car (and dog) through a neighborhood in Rome.

About half the pump price of gasoline in Italy is taxes, which have increased recently. Drivers have been driving less, and new car sales declined by 18 percent this year. As demand for gas fell, the price slowly started to drop; last week, a gallon cost only $9.17. Of course Italians buy by the liter, not the gallon, and they use Euros instead of dollars, but it all works out.

The photographer says that after taking the picture, he helped push.

car   Italy   goat   (h/t: K Maldre)   economy   gasoline   Rome   (Image credit: Allesandro Bianchi for Reuters)