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A Meme Bearing Gifts

Dec 3, 2012

I have it on good authority (from a six-year-old....) that pictures of a dog dressed as two dogs or two pirates or two monkeys, carrying a present or a treasure chest or a box of bananas, have been around the intertubes for so long that they're real yawners now.

They never got to my eyeballs till this weekend, presumably because I don't frequent the cutting-edge neighborhoods of the web. I'm old, after all, and out of it. But I'm not too old to recognize a meme worth spreading around once I finally see it.

In this context, however, it may be worth noting that if I tried to put a costume like this on my dog, he'd pee all over it. 

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Dem Golden Slippers

Jan 5, 2013

New Years Day morning was cold; I begged off watching the parade and slept in. But just as they have for the past hundred and some years in Philadelphia, the Mummers were out in force–the wenches, the string bands, the fancy brigades, more than 10,000 costumed dancers, clowns, musicians, and etcetera, strutting their way up South Broad Street.

As always, mummery's ethnic awkwardness was on obvious display. The skit by the Venetian New Years Association, "Indian In-Sourcing," was set in a call center labeled "New Delhi" and featured mummers dressed as Indians from the subcontinent, who danced a "Gangnam Style" routine. Then the call center label changed to "New Jersey," with performers dressed as North American Indians, dancing to "Apache." But hey, it's a parade.

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