Posted by Ellen

These people are Jan and Kev, mother and father of someone named Nic, in a photo that Nic submitted to the website My Parents Were Awesome. We can see why he must have felt that the picture revealed, or at least hinted at, his parents' essential awesomeness, and we are proud to feature it here as another of our occasional glimpses of that site.

Posted by Ellen

Amidst all the screaming and snarking of the blogosphere is a website that's sweet and wonderful:

Anybody can send in pictures of parents (or grandparents) from back in the day. I'm going to send in pictures of my parents, because they're still really awesome, and I expect all of you to do the same.

Here are three sets of parents from the site:
     Thelma and Reuben, looking at each other--submitted by Seth
     Jonathan and Virginia, seated--submitted by Rob
     Kathi and Kenney, with the guys in the band--submitted by Ryan