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12 Jun 2018
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bad map

15 May 2016
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Iceland Maybe

02 Jul 2014
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Philly Street Art

27 Jan 2012
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Who would win, the panda or the puppy?

Living the Dream

20 Dec 2011
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This general store in Fort Covington, New York, a border town about 75 miles southwest of Montreal, was the pride and joy of Elsie and Charles J. Clarke, who are pictured here behind the counter in the mid-1920s.  Charles Clarke, who had emigrated to Canada as a boy aboard one of the orphan ships from Liverpool, England, had somehow managed to save up enough money to buy his very own store. A few years later, however, during the devastation of the Great Depression, the Clarkes extended so much credit to their customers and had to conduct so much of their trade by barter that they lost the store.