August 2010

Posted by Ellen


Back alley in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

Dyed in the wool

05 Aug 2010
Posted by Ellen


The yarn salesmen have set up shop off to the edge of the open-air market in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Wishing you were here

04 Aug 2010
Posted by Ellen


In 1905, when people went to the beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey, they wore funny clothes but had as good a time as beach-goers in 2010.

Many of the vacationers pictured here didn't own their own bathing clothes; they rented them from hotels or boardwalk establishments. If you click on this photo to see the enlarged version, you'll note that some of the bathing costumes are imprinted with the initials of the rental companies.

What about the boy and girl in the middle? Are they flirting? Or is he keeping her from fleeing the picture? Or . . . ?